Amendment, cancellation

You must inform us in writing of any change to the contact details associated with a booking. Bookings are not transferable.

Changes to dates, campers and campgrounds are not permitted. You may cancel and make a new booking with the revised details, but strict limits apply to refund in the case of cancellation.

Before accepting the terms and conditions and confirming any booking check all details carefully, confirm your schedule, the availability of all campers and any other requirements.


Refund for cancellation is dependent on the number of days between the date we receive written confirmation of your wish to cancel and your confirmed arrival date. The only exception is in the case of the death of a camper or an immediate family member of a camper.

Days prior to arrival date cancellation received Refund payable
57 days or more 75% of original camping fee
29-56 days 50% of original camping fee
28 days or fewer No refund

These conditions have been applied in order to:

1.     Keep the cost of camping down

The only fee for Parks and Wildlife campgrounds is a low per person, per night camping fee*. We do not charge a booking fee.

The high number of booking amendments, cancellations and refunds that the previous terms and conditions permitted resulted in high administration costs that could not be sustained. Rather than increase fees to cover these costs, the terms and conditions are structured to minimise them.

*An additional park entry fee applies to campers and day visitors in some parks.

2.     Ensure fair access for all campers

The previous terms and conditions allowed for bookings, amendments and cancellations that detrimentally affected other people’s access to camping. The current terms and conditions are designed to reduce this.