For some of the most popular campgrounds advance online-only booking is available. Check all information, details you enter and terms and conditions carefully when booking.

Conditions that apply to online booking at all campgrounds

Bookings can be made:

  • for stays up to 28 nights.
  • up to 180 days (approximately six months) in advance

Bookings cannot be:

  • made by phone

  • transferred to another person, and one person may not hold concurrent bookings

  • changed after they have been confirmed; this includes dates, place and campers

Payment and refund:

  • full payment for all campers must be made at the time of booking

  • strict limits apply to refunds in case of cancellation and are dependent on notice given.

Bookings cannot be made without accepting the full terms and conditions.

Conditions of online booking that vary by campground and park

Bookings may be

  • for groups of up to 12 or 18 people (see also camping in groups)

  • available for stays at any time of year OR for certain peak periods only

  • (subject to availability) made up until the day before arrival OR until the day of arrival. Same-day bookings are not possible at any campground where there is no internet service (see staying in touch and contacting us) - staff do not have access to live booking information.

  • for a 'type' of camp site (classified by the type and size of camping equipment that can be accommodated and, if applicable, other specified variations) with the specific numbered or named site assigned on arrival at the campground or park OR for a specific numbered or named site

To maximise your chance of camping at our most popular campgrounds that can be booked online

  • Book early, particularly for peak periods (see when to camp)

  • Search for vacancies in a group of nearby campgrounds using the 'Book a camp site in...' buttons on the home page rather than searching for vacancies in individual campgrounds.

  • Book before you leave home or when and where you have access to a reliable data service - slow and intermittent internet connections will adversely affect online booking and the payment gateway (see staying in touch and contacting us).

(We are unable to offer a 'stand-by' service or individual notifications of vacancies arising through booking cancellations.)

Campground maps

  • A Google map indicating the location of the campground is available under the tab 'Getting there'. Note the included disclaimer (see also Getting to campgrounds)

  • Not-to-scale campground maps showing the relative location of numbered or named camp sites are available only for campgrounds with booking for specific named or numbered sites. Maps can be downloaded:

    • From the booking form, section '2. Select camp site': tap/click the blue button 'Campground map'

    • From the campground information screen: tap/click the white button 'Camp sites mud map and list'; then from the top of the list of camp sites, tap/click the blue button 'Campground mud map'

Number of campers in each camp site

Each camp site type has an upper limit to the number of campers that can be booked to stay there. That number includes children as young as 6 years. The upper limit indicated does not imply that number of adults, concession card holders or older children can camp comfortably at that site. Use the information for the type and size of tent, campervan, caravan or camper trailer, including dimensions, to decide whether there will be enough space for your particular needs.


For a small number campgrounds, usually for space in huts or former pastoral station homesteads and outbuildings, booking must be made direct with the regional office managing that place.

Bookings cannot currently be made online for these places.