The shared social experience of a camping trip is very important for most campers, but the essence of an overnight stay in Western Australia's parks is connecting with nature. The two things are not mutually exclusive when campers are considerate of others, especially in keeping noise to a minimum. Any campers causing inconvenience, offence, annoyance or danger to others may be directed to leave a campground and be fined. Alcohol and other property may be confiscated and fees paid will be forfeit.

Where to camp in small groups

Most campgrounds feature individual camp sites usually designed for one tent, caravan or camper trailer and one vehicle, or for one campervan (see tent, campervan, caravan or camper trailer?), with trees or other features separating sites.

Some individual camp sites are designed for small groups camping together in more than one tent or in a campervan, caravan or camper trailer and a tent.  Designs include sites with a number of near but separate spaces for tents and adjacent parking for more than one vehicle or a larger vehicle such as a minibus. Details of 'special' designs are included in the descriptions of each campground where they feature.

R40a-GROUP CAMPING BUSH Some campgrounds are 'open' - they do not have separated individual camp sites. Campers may, with consideration to others and to the environment, set up camp anywhere within these campgrounds.

Booking and permission for camping in groups, including schools and clubs

At campgrounds where online booking is available, online booking is limited to either 12 or 18 persons (not including children age 5 years and under) and three camp sites.

To enquire about camping in larger groups contact the visitor centre or regional office managing the park where you would like to camp use the details included in the information for the campground..

Not all campgrounds are suitable for group camping and you may be required to apply for permission to camp (see conducting an event in a park at Explore Parks WA for more). Without permission, you may not 'reserve' a camp site or space for somebody who may be arriving later, or in any way prevent others from setting up camp.