RG15-GENERATOR3 25px Campers' own generators may be used at some campgrounds. They may only be used between 8am and 9pm unless otherwise indicated (different operating hours apply in some places).
RG15N-NO GENERATOR 25px Generators may not be used at any time at some campgrounds.
RG15 Generator INV 25px A small number of larger campgrounds have separate generator and 'quiet' (no generator) areas.

When choosing a portable power supply, consider the noise and other emissions of various generators and whether an alternative, such as solar, is viable.

If you do operate a generator you must be considerate of other visitors and the environment at all times and:

  • position it closer to you than to other campers

  • ensure cords do not cross areas used by other visitors

  • keep running time to a minimum

  • keep a clear space (at least 3m) around the generator

  • never leave a running generator unattended

Generators must not be used on TOTAL FIRE BAN DAYS (see Department of Fire and Emergency Services)

If you need a generator to operate a disability aid for medical purposes you may apply for exemption from general restrictions on their use - contact us.

No powered sites 25px No campgrounds have electrical power supply to camp sites