RF14-SLEEPING SHELTER 25px Huts and homesteads

Some of the places you can camp in parks feature permanent sleeping shelters. They may be purpose-built or existing buildings.

Facilities are basic (though a small number of former pastoral station homesteads and outbuildings do have power and running water). You will need to be prepared and equipped as if you were camping and all the same conditions, including for campfires, dogs, generators and fees apply.

At places where advance booking does not apply you should carry a swag or tent or have a campervan, camper trailer or caravan in case the sleeping shelter is full.

other accommodation Other accommodation

Serviced accommodation options in parks ranges from the basic and budget to indulgent luxury. Stay in former forestry workers' cottages, pastoral station homesteads and other historical buildings. Enjoy the amenities of purpose-built holiday parks or try 'glamping' (a word derived from the combination of glamour and camping) with a level of service to match the magnificent surroundings.

We do not operate most of these accommodation services directly - they are provided by others under formal agreements - and we do not provide the same level of detail for facilities, access, conditions and prices on this website as we do for campgrounds. We provide links to the accommodation providers' own websites for this information and for bookings.

You can also search these options, as well as accommodation outside parks, on the official website of Tourism Western Australia.

(Some of these other accommodation providers offer camping in our parks and, where this is the case, the conditions may differ from those applicable to campgrounds operated by the Parks and Wildlife Service .)