Western Australia's parks offer opportunities for a wide range of activities.

For each campground the symbols listed here indicate that an activity that can be enjoyed at the campground or an adjacent 'day use' area (an area open to all park visitors). Further brief details of these activities and others that are available elsewhere in the park are provided in the description of each campground.

For much more on these activities and where they can be enjoyed, including essential safety and regulation information, go to the DO section of our Explore Parks WA website.


Symbol Activity
beach Beach nearby - not patrolled!
RA1-BIRD WATCHING Birdwatching - hide or platform

Boat launching - boat ramp or beach with access for boat trailers.

Boating is subject to Department of Transport regulations

canoeing Canoeing and kayaking
RA7-CAVE Cave tours
RV9-MOUNTAIN BIKING Cycling/Mountain biking
fishing Fishing - subject to Fisheries regulations
RO9-HELICOPTER Helicopter tours departing from park
RA8-ROCK CLIMBING Rock climbing
RA3-VISTAS Scenic lookout
snorkelling Snorkelling
pool Swimming
RW7-BUSHWALKING TRAIL Walking/Bushwalking
MA10-WATERSKIING  Water skiing - subject to Department of Transport regulations