Mobile phone and internet service in parks and campgrounds

Information on mobile phone and internet coverage is available from the various service providers. Very generally, with some exceptions, service at campgrounds and in parks is patchy at best for voice and text and largely non-existent for data (internet). Where service is patchy, you may get an improved connection at a high point or clearing, but, for most parks there is little or no service from most providers and for many, no service is available from any provider.

Satellite communication

A number of satellite communications services and products that provide coverage in all parks are available, but a direct line of sight between the device and a satellite is required, so you cannot connect from caves, deep gorges and underneath a dense tree canopy. A range of devices including satellite phones, distress beacons and devices that connect smartphones to a satellite are available, with some suppliers offering a rental service.

Using this website when travelling around Western Australia

If you intend to use this website when you are travelling around Western Australia, you should take advantage of services in the towns you visit. In many places you may not be able to access the site at all and at others slow and intermittent connections will adversely affect performance - especially for online booking.

Notifying people you trust of your plans

All parks visitors should inform at least one person of their plans and arrange a time by which they will notify them of their safe return and, for longer trips, schedule progress reports. Those plans should have sufficient detail so that, should an incident prevent your safe return, someone has the information needed to get help to you as efficiently as possible (see in an emergency).

Contacting us

Very few campgrounds have staff present throughout each day. If you contact us about a campground your email or call will be received at one of our visitor centres or regional offices, where staff have good knowledge of the campgrounds and parks. We do not use call centres. Most of our visitor centres are staffed on weekends and public holidays (at some, hours and dates are seasonal) but regional offices are not. During peak periods (see when to camp) and the preceding days, visitor centres and regional offices are usually very busy. We will respond as soon as we can.