There is huge variety of camping equipment available. Increasingly larger tents, motorhomes, and caravans, and off-road campervans and trailers are becoming more popular.

To help you find a campground that can accommodate your tent, campervan, camper trailer or caravan we have developed some standard categories and use symbols to indicate which are suitable at each campground featured on the website.

Tents & swags

Symbol   Maximum tent or swag dimensions (m)*
camping area Tent 6 x 4
 RC2-CAMPING BUSH INV 25px Small tent 3 x 2.5

If a campground is suitable for tents and swags and for campervans, motorhomes, caravans or camper trailers, the more durable surface required may make it difficult to pitch a tent and it may be uncomfortable without a thick sleeping mat, mattress, cot or stretcher.

If a campground is only suitable for tents and swags, then vehicle rooftop and awning tents are not suitable. Parking is either in individual spaces close to, but separated from, the tent space, or in a separate shared area where sleeping in vehicles, camper trailers or caravans is not permitted.

Campervans, motorhomes, roof top and awning tents

Symbol   Maximum campervan, roof top tent or motorhome dimensions - vehicle plus awnings/extensions (m)*
 RV10-CAMPERVANS-MOTORHOMES PARKING 25px Campervan or rooftop or awning tent 6 x 3
 RV10-CAMPERVANS-MOTORHOMES PARKING INV 25px Large campervan or rooftop or awning tent 8 x 4.5
 RV10N-CAMPERVANS-MOTORHOMES PARKING 25px No campervans or rooftop or awning tents N/A: No campervans, roof top tents or motorhomes

Larger motorhomes, roof top and awning tents up to 9.5m by 5m can be accommodated where large caravans and camper trailers are suitable.

Caravans and camper trailers

Symbol   Maximum caravan or camper trailer dimensions - including draw bar and awnings/extensions (m)*
 caravan Caravan or camper trailer 7.5 x 4.5
 RC4-CARAVAN SITE INV 25px Large caravan or camper trailer 9.5 x 5
 RC4N-NO CARAVANS 25px No caravans or camper trailers N/A: No caravans or camper trailers 

Parking for one towing vehicle up to 5.5 x 2m may be in-line with or alongside caravan/camper trailer space.

R40a-GROUP CAMPING BUSH Camping with more than one tent, campervan, caravan, camper trailer or vehicle

See camping in groups

fourwd access Off-road campervans, camper trailers and caravans

Where we have indicated that a campground is only accessible by 4WD vehicle, any trailer or caravan must also be capable of travelling on loose, soft and rutted surfaces; up and down steep gradients, and may need to be towed across flowing water.  The camper trailer or caravan's characteristics must be balanced with the towing vehicle. What are often referred to or sold as 'off-road' camper trailers or caravans may not be suitable. See getting to campgrounds.

* Some campgrounds may feature larger camp sites but we cannot guarantee that any tent, campervan, caravan, camper trailer or vehicle with any dimension larger than indicated will be accommodated. Any person causing any damage by the use of any camping 'unit' or vehicle too big for an area will be committing an offence.