$11.00  Per adult per night 


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Logue Brook campground has been redeveloped as part of the Parks for People caravan and camping initiative.

RC4-CARAVAN SITE INV 25px RV10-CAMPERVANS-MOTORHOMES PARKING INV 25px camping area Logue Brook has 126 camp sites with a variety of configurations suitable for tents, campervans, caravans and camper trailers.

bbq facilities picnic area Each camp site has a fire pit with a barbecue plate and a picnic table with bench seats.


Check the latest information on campfire conditions

Fires are usually permitted, in the provided fire rings only, between April 15 and November 30,but fire restrictions may be imposed at any time and without notice.

When fire restrictions are in place fires must not be lit and any appliance powered by burning solid fuel must not be used. You must always comply with any instructions at campgrounds and parks.

Campers´ own liquid or gas fuel barbeques, stoves and heaters can be used at any time, unless a total fire ban has been declared (see Department of Fire and Emergency Services ).

RF20-SHELTERED GAS BBQ 25px RF7-SHELTERED PICNIC TABLES 25px There are five barbecue shelters with gas barbecues, food preparation surfaces and picnic tables with bench seats.

NO drinking water 25px Drinking water is not supplied.

Collected rainwater, which must be filtered, boiled vigorously for one minute or treated with purification tablets/crystals before consumption, is usually available but supply is limited and not guaranteed. Visitors must bring enough water for personal use.

toilets RF19SULLAGE 25px RF15N NO  showers 25px Toilets are non-flush. There is a dump station for portable toilet waste. Wash basins and showers are not provided.

Do not use soaps, toothpaste and other personal hygiene products, even biodegradable, near any body of water.

When washing dishes use as little detergent as possible and strain dirty dishwater before dispersing it at least 100m from any body of water. Do not dispose of dishwater in campground toilets. Pack the strained waste and take it with you out of the campground.

Waste from portable toilets must not be dumped in campground toilets

No powered sites 25px RG15-GENERATOR3 25px Electric power is not available. Campers´ own generators may be used between 8am and 9pm only.

RG2-DOGS MUST BE LEASHED 25px Dogs are permitted. They must be on a leash at all times.

disabled access disabled facilities Two camp sites and all barbecue shelters and toilets have been designed for wheelchair access.


Lake Brockman Tourist Park café is open for enquiries 9am until 5pm every day.

Contact Lake Brockman Tourist Park.


Waterskiing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming and fishing on Logue Brook Dam - Lake Brockman

MA10-WATERSKIING MF1-BOAT RAMPPart of Lake Brockman is a designated water ski area. There is a boat launching area adjacent to the campground. 

pool canoeing fishing Access to the water for swimming, fishing and launching canoes and kayaks is available at a number of places around the shore.

Water skiing and boating are subject to Department of Transport regulations.

Fishing is subject to Department of Fisheries regulations, including licensing.

The lake is not patrolled by lifesavers.

 RV9-MOUNTAIN BIKING Mountain biking

There are two pump tracks suitable for riders of all abilities and fitness levels at the campground. (Pump tracks are loops of rollers and berms that you ride with minimal pedalling, so called because you ´pump´ the bike to maintain momentum. More information and instruction is provided at the trailhead.)

The long distance Munda Biddi cycle trail passes very close to the campground. Heading east the route is on purpose-built off-road trail then former forestry track with a gentle gradient making it suitable for beginners. To the north, the route is along Blackburn Road following the western shore of the lake.

Lake Brockman Tourist Park Café

RO7-KIOSK CAFE RO8-STORE SUPPLIES Firewood and some basic provisions are available for purchase at the café.


Logue Brook Dam Road

15km from Harvey via South West Highway and Logue Brook Dam Road

23km from Waroona via South West Highway and Logue Brook Dam Road

Logue Brook Dam Road is sealed. Roads within the campground are unsealed.

RV9-MOUNTAIN BIKING By cycle trail

The long distance Munda Biddi cycle trail passes very close to the campground.

Arriving and departing

All visitors must register at Lake Brockman Tourist Park café (200m from the campground entrance) before setting up camp.

Campers must depart by 10am.



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