$8.00  Per night 


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Wrights Bridge campground is on a bend of the Blackwood River, the longest river in Australia´s south west.

camping area RV10-CAMPERVANS-MOTORHOMES PARKING 25px caravan  There are 15 camp sites. Most can accommodate tents, campervans, caravans or camper trailers. Two sites are suitable for tents only, with vehicle parking a short distance from the tent space. Four are suitable for tents or regular size campervans (up to 6m x 4m) only.

bbq facilities picnic area Each site features a fire pit with barbecue plate and billy hook, picnic table and benches.


Check the latest information on campfire conditions

Fires are usually permitted, in the provided fire rings only, between April 15 and November 30, but fire restrictions may be imposed at any time and without notice.

When fire restrictions are in place fires must not be lit and any appliance powered by burning solid fuel must not be used. You must always comply with any instructions at campgrounds and parks.

Campers´ own liquid or gas fuel barbecues, stoves and heaters can be used at any time, unless a total fire ban has been declared (see Department of Fire and Emergency Services ).

NO drinking water 25px Drinking water is not supplied. Visitors must bring enough water for personal use.

toilets RF15N NO  showers 25px Toilets are non-flush. Wash basins and showers are not provided.

Do not use soaps, toothpaste and other personal hygiene products, even biodegradable, near any body of water.

When washing dishes use as little detergent as possible and strain dirty dishwater before dispersing it at least 100m from any body of water. Do not dispose of dishwater in campground toilets. Pack the strained waste and take it with you out of the campground.

Waste from portable toilets must not be dumped in campground toilets.

No powered sites 25px RG15N-NO GENERATOR 25px Electric power is not available and generators are not permitted.

RG2-DOGS MUST BE LEASHED 25px Dogs are permitted. They must be on a leash at all times.


Bookings cannot be made. Go to ´Find available sites at other campgrounds´ for the latest information on availability. We cannot give any guarantee of availability of camp sites and we cannot respond to enquiries for specific availability information. Be prepared with an alternative place to stay in case there is no suitable site available.

Pay camping fees on arrival (cash only, no change)

fishing canoeing Fishing, canoeing and kayaking the Blackwood River

The campground is right on the banks of the longest river in Australia´s south west.

River levels can rise quickly after rain, with fast-flowing whitewater and slippery rocks creating conditions suitable only for skilled and experienced kayakers and canoeists.

Check the Department of Fisheries website for information on fishing regulations, including licensing.


Balingup-Nannup Road

Balingup-Nannup Road is sealed. Roads within the campground are unsealed gravel roads.

12km from Balingup

29km from Nannup


Set up camp from 12pm (noon) on the day of arrival and must clear the site by 10am on the day of departure.

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